Cancer Support Community: Cancer Experience Registry™

We know and value that people impacted by cancer have a unique story to tell whether as a person with cancer or a friend or family member providing them care. 

The Cancer Experience Registry™ (CER) is an opportunity for patients, survivors, and caregivers to share about their concerns, quality of life, access to care, the impact of cancer on work, treatment decision making, and more, to improve the quality of cancer care and support on a local and national level. 

Locally, this data informs the Iowa Cancer Consortium and partners about critical needs in Iowa, enabling us to provide programs that are helpful to the people who live here. 

Nationally, Cancer Support Community’s Research and Training Institute (RTI) offers data to policy makers to ensure they are helping patients. The RTI also advances knowledge through presentations and publication in leading medical journals. 

We are proud to partner with Cancer Support Community which offers this unique and important research into the experiences of patients, survivors, and caregivers. 

Please consider sharing the Cancer Experience Registry with your network of individuals impacted by cancer. To gain access to the survey, visit

Note: Any state coalition that recruits 100 new cancer patients/survivors or 100 new caregivers into the CER can receive a curated patient, survivor, or caregiver data report for their state. Reports can include data on participant sociodemographic characteristics, treatment experiences, health behaviors, quality of life, and more. Reports will be produced and delivered on a biannual basis.

Questions? Please reach out to Liz Orton, Outreach Coordinator for the Iowa Cancer Consortium, at [email protected] to be connected with Cancer Support Community researchers.