The Iowa Cancer Consortium is a community organization connecting new and sometimes unlikely partners who want to make bigger impacts with their work and resources. Together, we create a partnership that strengthens cancer prevention, screening, treatment, quality of life, and health equity for all Iowans. Join us today!

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**”Industry” refers to pharmaceutical companies, for-profit businesses with a product or service to sell, or commercial businesses. It does not include organizations or individuals who provide health care.

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Note: The Iowa Cancer Consortium reserves the right to deny membership to organizations whose missions do not align with the Consortium’s. Membership decisions are made at the discretion of the Iowa Cancer Consortium staff in consultation with the Board of Directors as needed. Read the Non-Solicitation Policy here.

Workgroups & Committees

The Iowa Cancer Consortium’s workgroups and committees are overarching topic areas representing major areas of cancer control. Each workgroup and committee brings together members to network and collaborate on current issues, and use the Iowa Cancer Plan to guide their work. Current workgroups and committees include:


  • Cancer Screening & Early Detection
  • Health Equity
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) with Iowa Immunizes
  • Policy
  • Quality of Life
  • Radon
  • Research and Clinical Trials
  • Rural


  • Communications (ad hoc)
  • Data & Evaluation (ad hoc)
  • Finance
  • Nominating (ad hoc)

Each workgroup is led by at least one member chair. View the position description for workgroup chairs.

Iowa Oncology Navigation Network (IONN)

Iowa Cancer Consortium members who work as patient navigators, oncology social workers, Community Health Workers (CHW’s), and similar roles can gain access to IONN – a dedicated online web forum and directory. Learn more about IONN here, and request access by emailing [email protected].


We are eager to connect you with information about resources and contacts appropriate to your needs. Drop us a line and we will be in contact shortly.