Iowa Cancer Consortium 2023 Annual Report

According to the Iowa Cancer Registry, Iowa’s cancer incidence rate grew faster than any other state from 2016 to 2020, and Iowa continues to have the second-highest overall cancer incidence in the United States (source: 2024 Cancer in Iowa Report). 

The call to work together is greater than ever before. In 2024, an estimated 21,000 Iowans will receive a cancer diagnosis and 6,100 Iowans will lose their lives to cancer.

Our organization, the Iowa Cancer Consortium, believes all Iowans have a unique role to play in reducing the state’s cancer burden and have created the statewide Iowa Cancer Plan to support this mission.

As we look back upon our collective accomplishments and into the future, we would like to thank the Iowa Cancer Consortium’s Board of Directors, members, legislators, and many more partners across the state for making this work possible.

View our 2023 Annual Report below, or download the PDF: Iowa Cancer Consortium 2023 Annual Report FINAL.pdf (2 MB)

Iowa Cancer Consortium 2023 Annual Report by the Iowa Cancer Consortium