Iowa Cancer Plan Stories

Pam Codd – The Importance of Working Together

Pam Codd tells the story of losing her son Dashiell to cancer.

Jill Lightfoot – The Importance of Caring for Family

Jill Lightfoot, daughter, caregiver and physician, describes her experience caring for her late mother when she was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Meg Beshey: Traveling for Cancer Treatment

Cancer survivor, Meg Beshey, shares her experience traveling over three and a half hours to receive cancer treatment.

Paula Schnack: There are big dangers

Paula Schnack, five-time melanoma survivor shares her story and the importance of sun safety.

David: It Weighs Heavy On Me Sometimes

David McCluskey of West Des Moines, Iowa, tells his story of colorectal cancer, and the things that weigh heavy on his mind nine years out from his diagnosis.

Niisha, Cathy, and ShanQuiesha: Breast Cancer in the Family

Cathy Ketton and her daughters Niisha and ShanQuiesha Robinson are all too familiar with breast cancer. Breast cancer killed Cathy’s mom in her 60s, and Niisha and ShanQuiesha were both diagnosed in their 20s. This is their story and their message for their community.