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About the Iowa Cancer Plan

Each year, an estimated 17,400 Iowans are diagnosed with cancer and 6,200 lose their lives. Cancer remains the second-leading cause of death in Iowa.

All Iowans have a role in reducing the state's cancer burden. The 2018-2022 Iowa Cancer Plan serves as a roadmap for comprehensive cancer control efforts in Iowa for the next five years. It is meant to help provide direction and guide all Iowans involved in cancer to work together towards accomplishing the same goals.

The Iowa Cancer Plan identifies five priorities that must be addressed in order to reduce the burden of cancer in Iowa. 
  1. Prevention: Prevent cancer from occurring whenever possible.
  2. Screening: Detect cancer at its earliest stages.
  3. Treatment: Improve the accessibility, availability and quality of cancer treatment services and programs.
  4. Quality of Life: Ensure the highest possible quality of life for all Iowans affected by cancer.
  5. Health Equity: Identify and eliminate cancer health disparities.
The Iowa Cancer Plan provides direction for planning, implementing, and evaluating cancer control programs, research, and policy initiatives. It is also a resource for all Iowans who will find support and advocacy within its pages. 


  • Download the Iowa Cancer Plan Overview to get a quick overview of the Cancer Plan, it's benefits and who should use it. This is a great resource to share with colleagues, friends and family.
  • Check out the Iowa Cancer Plan Project Bank to learn about the work that's being done in support of the plan, and to share your own work. 
The Iowa Cancer Consoritum stands behind this plan and calls on Iowa's public officials, other decision-makers, and citizens to do likewise. More importantly, individuals and organizations from across the state are encouraged to become involved in its implementation by joining the Iowa Cancer Consortium and hundreds of its partners across the state. Find out how.


Iowa Cancer Plan 2018-2022
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