FY24 Iowa Cancer Plan Implementation Grants, Invitation for Proposals

Every year, the Iowa Cancer Consortium Board of Directors invite members of the community to apply for funding in support of public health initiatives outlined within the Iowa Cancer Plan. The board has outlined the following priorities for this application cycle:

  • Address issues of health equity across the cancer continuum, especially pertaining to systemic racism, rurality, socioeconomic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other social determinants of health.
  • Address cancer control issues that have been especially impacted by the pandemic (e.g., cancer screenings, HPV vaccinations, or tobacco use).
  • Address cancer types/sites that are especially high and/or rising in Iowa (when ranked across all 50 U.S. states), such as oral cavity/pharynx (1st), leukemia (2nd), melanoma (5th), non-Hodgkin lymphoma (6th), colorectal (7th), uterine (11th), bladder (12th), breast (15th), prostate (16th), pancreatic (17th), or thyroid (20th).
  • Expand successful local projects statewide in Iowa.
  • Formalize lasting and broad change in cancer control through policy and systems change.

Application Documents

Application Tools

  • Applicant Informational Webinar (Watch Recording)
  • Sample: Budget Worksheet (download here)
  • Sample: Letter of Intent (LOI) (download here)
  • Sample: Letter of Support (LOS) (download here)
  • View FY23 Funded Projects (click here)
  • Blog: A Public Health Practitioner’s Guide to Cancer Control Interventions (click here)
  • 2021 Cancer in Iowa Report, highlighting racial disparities (download here)
  • 2022 Cancer in Iowa Report, highlighting return to screening (download here)
  • 2023 Cancer in Iowa Report, highlighting Iowa’s high cancer incidence rates (download here)
  • Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Improving Cancer Screening and Care in the United States (view here)
  • SMARTIE: Writing Effective Objectives (download here)

Key Dates:

March 10, 2023IFP Release
March 21, 2023IFP Applicant Webinar (Watch Recording)
April 3, 2023Due: Letter of Intent by 11:59 p.m.
May 5, 2023Due: IFP Applications by 11:59 p.m. (CST)
June 23, 2023Award Notification (tentative)
July 1, 2023Project Period Starts
May 31, 2024Project Period Ends

Support throughout the grant process:

Application technical assistance is available. Applicants are strongly encouraged to connect with staff to discuss or review their application. Making contact is not a requirement and your proposals won’t be helped or hurt in the scoring process, which involves review by the Iowa Cancer Consortium’s Board of Directors. Contact: Liz Orton, Outreach Coordinator ([email protected]).