Iowa Cancer Plan Revision

The Iowa Cancer Consortium as begun the process of updating the Iowa Cancer Plan, which is done every five years. The Consortium is currently seeking feedback from members and partners across the state through July 1, 2022 and we hope to unveil the new cancer plan at the Iowa Cancer Summit in October 2022. Here are a few things we want partners to know:

Iowa Cancer Plan Revision. Help us create the 2023-2027 Iowa Cancer Plan!

  1. The 2018-2022 Iowa Cancer Plan will serve as our guide. The current cancer plan is incredibly useful and there is no need to start from scratch. We will use the current plan as a guide and update the document through a thoughtful review process and the addition of timely cancer control topics.
  2. Seeking reviewers/feedback: The Iowa Cancer Consortium is looking for individuals interested in reviewing cancer plan content. If you are interested in reviewing the 2018-2022 Iowa Cancer Plan and providing feedback virtually, click here or contact the Consortium at [email protected].
  3. Something new: There will be a few new topic areas incorporated into the 2023-2027 Iowa Cancer Plan. These include (and are not limited to) pediatric cancer, environmental health, disaster preparedness, precision medicine, and ovarian cancer. Please contact Rachel if you are interested in learning more ([email protected]).


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