Announcing: COVID-19 Cancer Patient Transportation and Lodging Initiative

COVID-19 Transportation & Lodging Initiative Blog Post

A few weeks ago, we asked our partners to share their needs related to cancer and the emerging threat of coronavirus. We listened, and heard transportation support for cancer patients undergoing treatment during this time was a big need.

In alignment with the Consortium’s mission and contract with the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), we are pleased to support the creation of the COVID-19 Cancer Patient Transportation and Lodging Initiative. Beginning next week, the Iowa Cancer Consortium will leverage the existing cancer patient support network and direct funds specifically towards cancer patient transportation and lodging. This will include:

  • Gas cards ($25 increments) to be distributed to cancer centers across the state for cancer patients based on need and ability to utilize them.
  • Lodging vouchers to support cancer patients with long-stays.
  • Funding agreements with public transit providers to provide free rides to/from cancer patients to their treatment facilities.

A special thank you to our colleagues at the American Cancer Society (ACS) who have played a large role in developing this network. Especially Kelly Angell, Liddy Hora, Shelley Walker, and Andy Link for their expertise and partnership to make this project a reality.