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Goal 2: Tobacco & Nicotine Use 

Decrease tobacco and nicotine use exposure. 

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Action Steps:

  A: Educate the public, including parents, teachers, students, retailers and local leaders on the dangers of tobacco and nicotine products. 
  B: Educate policy makers on the costs of tobacco and nicotine use, including loss of employee productivity and health care related expenses.
  C: Raise the minimum legal sale age of tobacco products to 21 years old. 
  D: Increase referrals to and participation in evidence-based tobacco cessation services for all tobacco users, including cancer survivors. 
  F: Collaborate with local Tobacco Community Partnerships to further tobacco prevention, cessation and control efforts. 
  G: Require that nicotine delivery devices, including e-cigarettes, be held to the same advertising, promotion and sponsorship standards as all other tobacco and nicotine products. 
  H: Increase the tax on tobacco products.
  I: Maintain or increase funding to the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) Division of Tobacco Use and Control to CDC-recommended levels for Iowa.
  J: Eliminate the casino exemption in the Smokefree Air Act.
  K: Increase the number of school districts, colleges/universities, workplaces, housing units and parks that implement comprehensive tobacco and nicotine-free policies.
  L: Advocate for policy that prohibits smoking in cars when minors are present.
  M: Increase the number of insurance plans covering evidence-based cessation services, Nicotine Replacement Therapy and counseling. 

Data Targets: 

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