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Goal 6: Sun/Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure

Increase protective behaviors from sun/ultraviolet (UV) exposure. 

A man and girl enjoying the sun outside with sunscreen.Child with sunscreen on



Fighting Cancer, One Applications at a Time (2018), Osceola, IA 
Promoting Sun Safety at LGBTQ Pride Festivals (2018), Statewide, IA 
Protect Your Skin! (2018), Madison County, IA
Sun Safety (2018), Carroll County, IA  
Sun Safe Play - West Union (2018), West Union, IA 
The Sunbeatables® Program - Cass County (2018), Cass County, IA 

Action Steps: 

  A: Increase awareness of the harms of ultraviolet exposure. 
  B: Increase availability of sunscreen at outdoor events. 
  C: Increase targeted skin cancer education for Iowans who work outside. 
  D: Decrease the use of tanning beds. 
  E: Increase public education about the harms of exposure to ultraviolet light from tanning beds. 
  F: Increase the number of schools that educate children about the risks of sun/ultraviolet exposure using evidence-based programs. 
  G: Advocate for prohibiting the use of tanning beds for all Iowans under the age of 18. 
  H: Promote policies that advance sun/ultraviolet safety measures such as the use of sunglasses, hats, sun shades, trees, and/or other protective means. 

Data Targets: 

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