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Goal 6: Sun/Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure

Increase protective behaviors from sun/ultraviolet (UV) exposure. 

A man and girl enjoying the sun outside with sunscreen.Child with sunscreen on



Promoting Sun Safety at LGBTQ Pride Festivals (2018), Statewide, IA 
Protect Your Skin! (2018), Madison County, IA 
Sun Safe Play - West Union (2018), West Union, IA 
The Sunbeatables® Program - Cass County (2018), Cass County, IA 

Action Steps: 

  A: Increase awareness of the harms of ultraviolet exposure. 
  B: Increase availability of sunscreen at outdoor events. 
  C: Increase targeted skin cancer education for Iowans who work outside. 
  D: Decrease the use of tanning beds. 
  E: Increase public education about the harms of exposure to ultraviolet light from tanning beds. 
  F: Increase the number of schools that educate children about the risks of sun/ultraviolet exposure using evidence-based programs. 
  G: Advocate for prohibiting the use of tanning beds for all Iowans under the age of 18. 
  H: Promote policies that advance sun/ultraviolet safety measures such as the use of sunglasses, hats, sun shades, trees, and/or other protective means. 

Data Targets: 

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