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Goal 7: Radon & Environmental Risk 

Decrease exposure to radon and other environmental substances linked to cancer. 

Photo of Gail Orcutt, a radon-induced lung cancer survivor.A photo after former Iowa governor Terry Branstad signed the Radon Action Month in January proclamation.

Action Steps:

   A: Increase the percentage of Iowans who test their homes for radon and mitigate when needed
  B: Educate the public, health care providers, public health officials, schools, property owners and managers and policy makers about radon and other environmental substances linked to cancer. 
  C: Collaborate with cities and housing departments to develop initiatives that provide financial assistance for radon testing and mitigation. 
  D: Develop and support cross-sector initiatives that increase home radon testing and mitigation. 
  E: Require radon testing and mitigation in schools, multi-housing units, rental housing and new construction. 
  F: Require newly constructed homes and buildings to be built using passive radon control methods according to the 2015 International Residential Building Code. 
  G: Support research and funding to increase the evidence for environmental cancer risks. 
  H: Support initiatives that reduce environmental exposures to substances or chemicals linked to cancer. 

Data Targets: 

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