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Goal 3: Nutrition & Physical Activity 

Increase efforts that support healthy eating, physical activity and healthy weight status.

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Action Steps:

   A: Increase access to and availability of healthy food and beverage choices in public locations and private businesses, including grocery stores, convenience stores, schools, restaurants and workplaces.
  B: Require public and private venues including restaurants to label all food and drink products with nutritional information. 
  C: Increase awareness and educate policy makers about food swamps and food deserts and their contribution to obesity.
  D: Implement policies that increase access to healthy food and decrease access to unhealthy food. 
  E: Establish workplace and community policies that support breastfeeding.
  F: Improve community design and infrastructure to create environments that support increased physical activity.
  G: Support initiatives that increase opportunities for physical activity in schools and workplaces. 
  H: Increase access to overweight and obesity screening and educate providers on the associated risk factors.
  I: Engage providers and patients in healthy weight management and best practices, including the role of nutrition and physical activity as part of cancer prevention, treatment and care. 
  J: Support third-party reimbursement for primary care treatment of overweight and obesity from medical providers, registered dietitians and other qualified health care providers. 

Data Targets: 

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