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Goal 14: Health Equity 

Improve the health equity of cancer control interventions and services. 

Image of a slide during a 2017 Iowa Cancer Consortium spring meeting discussing health equityImage of Kendra Malone

Action Steps: 

  A: Identify and change institutional and structural systems that promote or reinforce activities, behaviors, attitudes and/or biases that contribute to inequitable cancer outcomes.
  B: Promote the use of evidence-based strategies and activities to reduce bias, discrimination and racism in health care settings. 
  C: Support initiatives that provide training and education about the impact of discrimination and racism on Iowans navigating health care, including topics related to cultural humility, privilege and power dynamics.
  D: Increase representation and engagement of marginalized people in the development and implementation of cancer control activities. 
  E: Increase the number of culturally specific health care settings. 
  F: Increase the use of health literate practices in all cancer control activities. 
  G: Address social determinates of health in project and intervention planning. 

Data Targets: 

How Iowans Are Working On The Plan 
Iowa Cancer Plan