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Goal 15: Data 

Increase access to cancer-related data, and educate Iowans on ways to apply data to cancer control activities. 

Image of the 2017 Cancer In Iowa news conference.Groups at the 2017 Iowa Cancer Summit discussing action steps and data targets.

Action Steps:

  A: Promote analysis of current data-collection systems to better identify existing data gaps and disparities within Iowa communities. 
  B: Encourage data sharing across organizations that track risk factors and diseases linked to cancer. 
  C: Educate cancer control partners on available data sources and methods of interpreting data to inform cancer control programs and initiatives. 
  D: Standardize the collection and reporting of race, ethnicity, preferred language and country of origin for cancer-related datasets. 
  E: Engage under-represented communities in identifying critical data gaps. 

Data Targets: 


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