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Goal 1: Collaboration

Increase collaboration among organizations, coalitions, businesses and individuals to maximize cancer control resources and efforts. 
Collaborators with the Iowa Cancer Consortium working outside by a lake.Iowa Cancer Consortium members discussing a cancer topic.


The Sunbeatables® Program - Cass County (2018), Cass County, IA  

Action Steps: 

   A: Engage traditional and non-traditional partners in coordinated cancer control efforts.
   B: Increase resource sharing between cancer control partners. 
   C: Encourage all cancer control partners in Iowa to use the Iowa Cancer Plan for planning, funding and advocacy.
   D: Coordinate with partners to ensure the use of consistent and accurate cancer control messages.
   E: Increase collaborative efforts among county public health departments.
   F: Increase the number and diversity of Iowans engaged in collaborative work through the Iowa Cancer Consortium. 

Data Targets: 

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How Iowans Are Working On The Plan 
Iowa Cancer Plan