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Goal 8: Cancer Risk Assessment 

Increase access to cancer risk assessment and genetic counseling services. 

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Action Steps: 

   A: Increase education and awareness of genetic counseling and testing and their roles in providing information on cancer risk management, screening and treatment. 
  B: Encourage health insurance plans to cover cancer risk assessment and genetic counseling services. 
  C: Encourage providers to discuss family history with patients to inform better screening recommendations and determine if genetic counseling is appropriate. 
  D: Increase advocacy and funding for cancer genetic research. 
  E: Advocate for an increased focus on genetic/genomic education for providers through initial training and continued education.
  F: Promote Advanced Genetics Nursing-Board Certified (AGN-BC) and Certified Genetic Counselor (CGC) credentialing to increase access to providers trained in cancer genetic counseling. 
  G: Advocate for the licensing of genetic counselors in Iowa. 

Data Target: 

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