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Goal 12: Cancer Research 

Increase awareness of and participation in cancer research, including clinical trials, focused on cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. 

Iowa Cancer Consortium President and Director of the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center, Dr. George Weiner at the 2016 Cancer Moonshot in Washington, D.C.Image of Denise Attard Sacco

Action Steps: 

  A: Support all phases of cancer research across the state including laboratory research, clinical trials and population research. 
  B: Expand reach of community oncology practices clinical research programs through increasing the reach of NCI clinical trial networks. 
  C: Link clinical research efforts of Iowa's NCI-designated Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa with collaborating practices throughout the state for access to emerging treatment and interventions offered through clinical trials. 
  D: Develop and disseminate education campaigns to inform the public about research, including clinical trials. 
  E: Create a statewide clinical trials database. 
  F: Increase accessibility of cancer clinical trials to all cancer patients. 
  G: Support policies and systems changes that expand access to and use of cancer clinical trials. 
  H: Build or sustain coalitions with key stakeholders to enhance support for cancer research and the availability of cancer clinical trials. 
  I: Increase collaboration between researchers to better translate research findings into practice.

Data Targets: 

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