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Goal 10: Cancer Care & Services

Increase access to quality cancer care and services. 

Image from the 2014 Iowa Cancer Consortium Spring MeetingImage from a 2016 American Cancer Society Palliative Care event

Action Steps: 

  A: Increase availability of culturally and linguistically appropriate cancer education materials. 
  B: Increase access to transportation and lodging resources available to cancer patients and their families. 
  C: Increase available clinical hours for cancer screenings, treatment and other services. 
  D: Increase availability of telemedicine services and infrastructure. 
  E: Increase access to genetic tumor testing to identify the most appropriate treatment for patients. 
  F: Increase availability of targeted therapy treatment options. 
  G: Provide free or reduced-cost cancer services for underinsured or uninsured Iowans. 
  H: Increase patient access to copay and financial counseling assistance. 
  I: Increase in-person translation services available to all patients and families requesting them. 

Data Targets: 

G10-DT1.png  G10-DT2.png  G10-DT3.png

How Iowans Are Working On The Plan 
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