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How Iowans Are Working On The Plan 

The Iowa Cancer Plan's Five Priorities 

Prevention: Prevent cancer from occurring whenever possible.

Screening: Detect cancer at its earliest stages.

Treatment: Improve the accessibility, availablity and quality of cancer treatment services and programs.

Quality of Life: Ensure the highest possible quality of life for all Iowans affected by cancer. 

Health Equity: Identify and eliminate cancer health disparities.                                                                                                                                                            



1. Collaboration 2.Tobacco & Nicotine 3. Nutrition & Physical Activity
4. Alcohol 5.Vaccinations 6. Sun & Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure
7. Radon 8. Risk Assessment & Genetic Counseling 9. Screening Guidelines
10. Cancer Care & Services 11. Providers in Iowa 12. Research
13. Quality of Life 14. Health Equity 15. Data 

Share Your Own Work! 

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