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Iowa Cancer Consortium FY19 Grants

The intent of the Invitation for Proposals (IFP) is to fund collaborative projects that address identified gaps in Iowa’s cancer control and prevention efforts. Successful grant applications will incorporate goals and/or action steps from the 2018-2022 Iowa Cancer Plan.
  The 2018-2022 Iowa Cancer Plan is divided into five priorities. Each priority includes a set of evidence-based cancer control goals, action steps, and data targets. Priorities are major issues to be addressed in order to reduce the burden of cancer in Iowa. Goals are measurable aims that address one or more of the outlined priorities. Action steps identify work that must be done to accomplish the corresponding goal. Action steps are activities that help accomplish a specific goal. Data targets are benchmarks that are used to measure and evaluate progress towards the outlined goals.

Read the 2018-2022 Iowa Cancer Plan at

Please Note: The deadline for submitting a letter of intent to apply for a FY19 Iowa Cancer Plan Implementation Grant has passed.

Application Materials:
FY19 Iowa Cancer Consortium Implementation Grant Single-Year Application Package
FY19 Iowa Cancer Consortium Implementation Grant Multi-Year Application Package