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Iowa CoC Network Development

The Treatment implementation group created this project which consists of two parts.

In Project 1, leaders from Commission on Cancer (CoC) accredicted facillities will be brought together at an invitation-only networking dinner. The dinner will be held in conjunctoin with the Iowa Cancer Summit. Invitees will be CoC accredited cancer center administrators and cancer liaison physicians.

The purpose of gathering these leaders is to educate and encourage their involvement in the Iowa Cancer Consortium and to create a network of CoC healthcare professionals. This network will foster communication and best practice sharing between CoC accredited facilities, as well as serve as a resource for the Iowa Cancer Consortium.

In Project 2, a luncheon meeting for Clinical Trial Coordinators from CoC facillities and other facilities and organizations that have historically been a part of the clinical trials workgroup will be held. The purpose of this luncheon is to develop a network to facilitate and increase clincial trial enrollment in Iowa. Future networking projects that would be helpful to the coordinators will also be discussed.