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Community and Worksite Mentoring Project

Members of the Prevention implementation group are in charge of this Community and Worksite Mentoring Project. The purpose of this project is to increase cancer and other chronic disease prevention efforts through mentoring provided by Jon Morgan, MS of the Nutrition and Physical Activity Program of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Both the Community and Worksite Wellness Workgroups of the Iowans Fit for Life partnership are interested in learning more about the work being done in our peer state, Wisconsin, so that we might implement similar efforts in Iowa.

The intent of the project is to offer a community webinar in the Fall of 2011 and a worksite health conference in the Spring of 2012 with the goal of educating Iowans Fit for Life partners, local public health agencies, and others on the importance of worksite wellness programs and community-based efforts to improve the health of residents. Conversations will be facilitated to determine how efforts similar to those being implemented in Wisconsin could be implemented in Iowa. The ultimate goal is to provide participants with the information and tools necessary to increase the number of worksites implementing effective worksite wellness and communities implementing policies and environmental changes to support/enhance the health of residents.