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The Pink Shawl Project: First Nations Women of Iowa

This project is an expansion of a Pink Shawl Project funded in FY2010. The Iowa Cancer Consortium partners with the Native American Coalition of the Quad Cities to host sewing events throughout the state. At these events, Native American women gather to sew pink shawls - pink represents breast cancer and the shawls are an important part of tribal culture.
At the sewing events, a community health leader provides breast cancer education materials and a brief presentation on breast health. Contact information for the local Iowa Care For Yourself Coordinator is also provided, and participants are able to ask questions and informally discuss breast cancer issues faced by women in their community.

58 women were reached this year from Council Bluffs, the Quad Cities, Tama and Sioux City. New partnerships were fostered through holding the pink shawl events in these areas.

Iowa Department of Public Health - Office of Multicultural Health
Iowa Department of Human Rights - Division of Native American Affairs