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The Iowa Cancer Plan seeks to evaluate cancer control efforts.

The Iowa Cancer Consortium commits to ongoing, complete evaluation measuring the outcomes and effectiveness of work being done. Resources available in comprehensive cancer control should be used in the most efficient manner, leveraging additional funds when possible and implementing the most effective programs and policies.

Check out work that's being done in Iowa to support evaluation:

  Active Ottumwa (2016), Ottumwa, IA
  Colorectal Cancer Screening Kit Giveaway (2012), Waterloo, IA
  Fun in the Sun! (2017), Johnson County
  HPV Vaccines for Teens: Taking Shots Against Cancer, Cerro Gordo County, IA
  Psycho-Social Care Conference: Integrating Treatment of the Whole Person (2012), Cedar Rapids, IA
  Radon in Iowa (2012), Statewide
  Reduce Sunburns in Dallas County! (2016), Dallas County, IA 
  Sun Safety at the Ballpark with the Cedar Rapids Kernels (2017), Cedar Rapids, IA 
  Sun Safety: Project Sunscreen, Camp Foster (2016), Okoboji, IA
  Sun Safety RAGBRAI, Statewide

Image of the 2012-2017 Iowa Cancer Plan. Click here to access the entire document. Additional Over-Arching Issues
Policy and Systems

Iowa Cancer Plan Goals
Goal 1: Prevention
Goal 2: Screening
Goal 3: Treatment
Goal 4: Quality of Life

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