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The Iowa Cancer Plan addresses cancer health disparities and promotes health equity in Iowa.

Health disparities exist in cancer services among every population in Iowa, including those based on geography, age, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, and culture. The implementation of every strategy in the plan must counter associated cancer-related disparities and inequities so that every Iowan can expect the best outcome possible.

Check out what's being done in Iowa to address disparities:

  A Conversation about HPV (2014), Statewide
  Acceptability of Using Telehealth Technologies as part of a Cancer Symptom Management Program in a Community Cancer Clinic (FY 2016), Jefferson County
  Active Ottumwa (2016), Ottumwa, IA
  Addressing HPV Vaccine Disparities in Iowa (2014), Johnson County, IA
  An Academic-Community Partnership to Promote Cancer Health Equality Among Latinos in Iowa (2014), West Liberty, IA
  Body & Soul (2015), Statewide
  Body & Soul: Train the Trainer (2012), Statewide
  Breast Health Summit (2012), Cedar Rapids, IA
  "Celebrating Survivorship" Blood Cancer Symposium (2014), Des Moines, IA
  Cervical Cancer Free Iowa (ongoing), Statewide
  Colorectal Screening and Education for Rural Residents (2016), Poweshiek County
  Marshalltown Family Aquatic Center (2016), Marshalltown, IA 
  Native American Cancer Support Group Training (2012), West Des Moines, IA
  Psycho-Social Care Conference: Integrating Treatment of the Whole Person (2012), Cedar Rapids, IA
  Radon-Free Homes Initiative (2013), Des Moines, IA
  Radon: The Silent Killer (2013), Cedar Rapids, IA
  Safe Sun for Children (2016), Shelby County, IA
  Shield the Homeless (2016), Council Bluffs, IA

Image of 2012-2017 Iowa Cancer Plan. Click here to access the entire document.

Additional Over-Arching Issues

Policy and Systems

Iowa Cancer Plan Goals

Goal 1: Prevention
Goal 2: Screening
Goal 3: Treatment
Goal 4: Quality of Life
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