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Iowa Cancer Plan Project Bank

Follow the links below to learn more about the important work that Iowans are doing to make headway on each of the plan's four goals: 
  Goal 1 (PREVENTION): Whenever Possible, Prevent Cancer from Occurring.
  Goal 2 (SCREENING): If Cancer Does Occur, Find It In Its Earliest Stages.
  Goal 3 (TREATMENT): Improve the Accessibility, Availability, and Quality of Cancer Treatment Programs and Services.
  Goal 4 (QUALITY OF LIFE): Ensure Optimal Quality of Life for People Impacted by Cancer.
Additionally, Iowans are addressing the plan's six over-arching issues critical to the success of comprehensive cancer control in Iowa:  
  Collaboration   Policy and Systems
  Disparities Research
  Evaluation Workforce

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Are you or your organization doing work that supports a goal, priority, strategy, action step, or over-arching issue in the Iowa Cancer Plan? Share your work here.
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