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Sunscreen Packet Request

The Iowa Cancer Consortium is opening up a request form for sunscreen packets. Iowa Cancer Consortium members may request a limited number of SPF30 sunscreen packets to be used for events. Please note the sunscreen packets are subject to availability and there is a 250 packet limit per request. If you need more, please give a detailed reason below for requesting more and the Consortium will take your request into consideration. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to

If you are not a member of the Iowa Cancer Consortium, please go to to join or learn more about membership benefits. 

I will follow up or allow the Iowa Cancer Consortium to follow up in regards to my project and reach of my project:

I will send the Iowa Cancer Consortium pictures of my project:


Please note it is the responsibility of the requestor to obtain appropriate permission to share the photo(s). Please feel free to use the Iowa Cancer Consortium's photo release form found at Consent-Form.docx