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Grant-Year 2016 Iowa Cancer Plan Full Implementation Grants

Iowa Cancer Plan Implementation Grants up to $25,000 were awarded to the following collaborative projects that address identified gaps in Iowa's cancer prevention and control efforts. Project period is July 1, 2015-June 1, 2016.

80% by 2018

Project Chair: Sara Comstock, American Cancer

This project will coordinate the energy and resources from multiple organizations to increase colorectal cancer screening rates in Iowa from 67% to 80% by 2018. This multi-level approach will focus on family practice physicians, public health professionals, healthcare leaders, and Iowans age 50+. All activities—including conferences, presentations, and web ads—will drive evidence-based changes in practice and policy to increase colorectal cancer screening statewide.

Colorectal Cancer Screening and Education for Rural Residents

Project Chair: Patricia Hinrichs, RN, Grinnell Regional Public Health,

Grinnell Regional Public Health plans to promote early detection and prevention of colorectal cancer to rural residents in the Grinnell Regional Medical Center service area. Community organizations, physicians, and the public will receive education about screening and prevention using evidence-based materials. Since many colorectal cancers could be prevented though testing, project partners hope to increase screenings to prevent or find cancer at an early stage when treatment is less extensive and more successful. Fecal Immunochemical Tests (FITs) will be distributed to some residents. Click here for information about this project in the online Iowa Cancer Plan Project Bank. 

Iowa Palliative Care Project

Project Chair: Carma Herring, RN, MS, OCN, John Stoddard Cancer Center of UnityPoint Health Des

Implemented in partnership between Des Moines-area hospitals, including John Stoddard Cancer Center, Mercy Cancer Center, and Des Moines University—this project will include innovative, hands-on clinical communication skills-building workshops for medical students
and oncology practitioners. Workshops will be led by local and regional palliative care experts. The project builds on efforts in Iowa to expand palliative-care awareness, integration with oncology, and accessibility for cancer patients by improving quality care delivery and quality-of-life services through development of person-centered communication skills among oncology professionals. Click here for information about this project in the online Iowa Cancer Plan Project Bank.

It's Your Skin Iowa

Project Chair: Gina Mandernach, John Stoddard Cancer Center of UnityPoint Health Des   

This project provides sun/ultraviolet-safety classroom education to high school students. Students are encouraged to sign a pledge not to tan, to wear sunscreen, and to complete regular skin checks. After-prom committees will help promote the initiative, and community-donated cash prizes will be offered as incentive. Click here for information about this project in the online Iowa Cancer Plan Project Bank.

Pledge Not to Tan

Project Chair: Angela Long and Mary Ellen Carano, William R. Bliss Cancer Center, and

This project provides sun/ultraviolet-safety classroom education in Ames-area high schools. Students are encouraged to sign a pledge to not tan, to wear sunscreen, and to complete regular skin checks. A DermaScan will be used to show students their current skin damage. Collaborators include Mary Greeley Medical Center, McFarland Clinic Department of Dermatology, School Nurses, and the American Cancer Society.

Taking Shots Against Cancer

Project Chair: Jennifer Stiles, RN, Cerro Gordo County Department of Public

This project includes two components: creating change within local medical systems, and increasing community awareness of HPV risks and vaccination. Systems change will occur as project partners streamline the Immunization Registry Information System housed at the Iowa Department of Public Health for improved vaccines record keeping. Local clinics will be challenged to compete to show the most improved vaccination rates each quarter. Messages will be placed in a movie theater, high school gyms, and on Facebook, and will be consistent from the first year of the project and branded so it is recognizable and repetitive. Click here for information about this project in the online Iowa Cancer Plan Project Bank.

Grant-Year 2016 Concept Grants

Concept grants up to $5,000 were awarded to the following collaborative projects that address identified gaps in Iowa's cancer prevention and control efforts. Project period is Novermber 1, 2015 - June 1, 2016.

HPV Vaccination Louisa County

Project Chair: Patti Sallee, Louisa County Public Health,

The goal of this project was to increase the HPV vaccination in Louisa County. Louisa County Public Health (LCPH) provided education at various venues within the county on HPV, the HPV vaccine and prevention of cervical cancer. Educational materials were provided in English and Spanish, and included posters, fliers and pamphlets. LCPH also provided vaccine clinics at local schools to decrease transportation and time barriers for the targeted population. LCPH staff will send reminder cards/information to the targeted population to ensure the vaccine series completion. 

Optimal Living for Cancer Survivors Campaign

Project Chair: Brad Anderson, Above + Beyond Cancer,

Above + Beyond Cancer and the YMCA of Greater Des Moines have joined forces to roll out the Optimal Living for Cancer Survivors program. Weekly programming includes: mindful meditation on Mondays, cycling and cancer education on Wednesdays, and Total Training with Mary Van Heukelom on Thursdays. Physicians and patients know – and countless studies show – strengthening one’s mind, body and spirit is an essential part of cancer treatment and can reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. Above + Beyond Cancer has had 2,750 survivors to date attend an Above + Beyond Cancer journey, class, or event. To reach their goal of 4,000 total survivors served, Above + Beyond Cancer estimates that they will need 350 new survivors to participate in the Optimal Living for Cancer Survivors program over 16 months. The grant will help market the program to survivors with the goal to increase participation in the program.

Polk County HPV Immunization Systems Implementation

Project Chair: Lori Parsons, MSN, RN, Iowa Immunization Coalition,

The Iowa Immunization Coalition collaborated with the Polk County Health Department to provide pediatric and family practice health care providers with direct, face-to-face education about the importance of the HPV vaccine. The Coalition used CDC messaging, “A Conversation About HPV,” and Iowa Cancer Plan strategies. The project provides opportunities for Polk County medical providers to have a dialogue with identified physician champions or the Iowa Immunization Coalition to dispel myths, report vaccine safety data, and the incidence of cancers caused by HPV and to educate clinical staff on administration recommendations, reimbursement, and answer other questions related to HPV.

Acceptability of Using Telehealth Technologies as a Part of Cancer Symptom Management

Project Chair: Stephanie Gilbertson-White, Phd, ARNP, University of Iowa College of Nursing,

The majority of patients with advanced cancer receive anti-cancer therapies right up to the last weeks of life. Chemotherapy for patients with advanced cancer has been found to be associated with a decreased quality-of-life due to the challenge of managing treatment side effects. The purposes of this project are: 1) to obtain stakeholder input on the development of a web-based telehealth program to provide symptom management support to patients with advanced cancer receiving anti-cancer treatments; and 2) to evaluate functionality and the acceptability of a beta-version of the website. During this project, a final program will be refined including Oncology Associate Symptoms and Individualized Strategies (OASIS), a toolkit consisting of non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic symptom management strategies, and a Nurse Coach. 

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