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The Iowa Cancer Consortium is supported by four implementation groups and six committees. Consortium members are encouraged to join and be active in one of each. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Committees and Implementation Groups

What's the difference between a committee and an implementation group? 
Committees guide the operational components of the Consortium. Implementation groups support activities throughout the state that promote the four goal areas of the Iowa Cancer Plan—prevention, screening, treatment, and quality of life (the prevention and screening groups also include sub-groups that focus on specific topic areas within the broader category).

How do I decide which committees and implementation groups I participate in?
Easy! Shop around! Choose one based on the descriptions below, and try it out. If you feel like it’s not the right fit, feel free to try another. If the descriptions below don’t help you choose, email us at and we’ll do our best to provide some guidance.

How do committees and implementation groups work throughout the year?
Implementation group and committee meeting frequencies vary from group to group. Some meet monthly, some meet bi-monthly, and others meet quarterly or on a difference schedule. Almost all meetings are done via teleconference and online. Check out the Events Calendar for upcoming meetings. Feel free to try one out!

Iowa Cancer Consortium Committees


Ashley Christensen, Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission, (563) 382-6171

The Communications Committee provides communication and marketing support for the ICC and ICC projects. This committee oversees the website, newsletter, and overall plan for communicating with Consortium members and the public.

Data & Evaluations

Michele West, State Health Registry of Iowa/Iowa Cancer Registry, (319) 335-7497
  Brad McDowell, University of Iowa College of Public Health, (319) 384-1768

The Data & Evaluations Committee assists and guides the Consortium and implementation groups with data and evaluation needs, and assists with periodic reports and the cancer plan revision.

Health Equity & Disparities

Ana Coppola, Polk County Health Department, (515) 323-5227
   Jason Daniel-Ulloa, University of Iowa College of Public Health, (319) 384-4381

The Health Equity & Disparities Committee ensures the Consortium and cancer plan address the needs of Iowa’s diverse population.

Membership & Nominating

Richard Deming, MD, Mercy Cancer Center-Des Moines, (515) 643-8780

The Membership and Nominating Committee recruits key decision makers and members from diverse backgrounds and geographic areas.

Systems & Environmental Change

Noah Tabor, ACS CAN, (515) 727-0063 
  Sarah Zeidler, John Stoddard Cancer Center, (515) 241-4395

The Systems & Enviromental Change Committee informs our legislators about important cancer control topics and the many impactful activities of the Consortium, and assists the Consortium in reviewing policy initiatives that can advance cancer control statewide.

To find out what Committee or Implementation Group you are enrolled in, visit the Iowa Cancer Consortium.
  1. Log In, in the upper right corner of screen.
  2. Click on View Profile, in the upper right corner of screen.
            Your involvment in either a Committee or Implementation Group will be listed towards the bottom of your profile.
  3.  To change this information, click Edit Profile, at the top of the profile page.
  4.  Having trouble? Email us for help at

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