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UV & Sun Safety

Skin Melanoma incidence has been on an upward trend. The American Cancer Society recommends taking the following steps to stay safe in the sun: cover up, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher, seek shade, avoid tanning bed and sunlamps. For more information on sun safety visit:

UV & Sun Safety Resources

UV & Sun Safety Workgroup

The Iowa Cancer Consortium’s UV & Sun Safety Work Group is a collaboration of passionate individuals who strive to reduce Iowans’ exposure to harmful UV radiation from the sun. This work group meets quarterly to address current projects and provide updates on opportunities for community outreach and sunscreen promotions for outdoor events and camps across the state.

Staff Contacts: 

Current Workgroup Priorities: 

  • Increase awareness and education of the harms of UV exposure
  • Increase availability of sunscreen at outdoor events
  • Decrease use of tanning beds
  • Decrease age-adjusted incidence and mortality for skin melanoma

Additional Information: 

Current and Recent Iowa Projects

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Collaboration & Resources