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What is Cancer Screening?

Some types of cancer can be found before they cause symptoms. When someone who has no symptoms is checked for cancer, they are getting a cancer screening test. Screening can help doctors find and treat some types of cancers early. Finding a cancer early generally means treatment will be more effective.

There are many different screening recommendations by various national organizations. Talk with your personal physician, who knows your medical history, about what screenings you should have and when.

Not all cancers have screening options. Breast cancer, cervical cancer, and colon and rectum cancer all have screening options that have been found to reduce deaths from that cancer. Prostate cancer has some screening tests that are being used but they have not yet been found to be as effective at lowering deaths as the screening tests for breast, cervical, and colon and rectum cancers.  

For information on screening programs in Iowa, click here.For more information on cancer screening in general, check out the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society. For more information on screening options by cancer, click on one of the links below.

Screening options for: